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Types of towbar

There are different types of towbar; fixed flange, fixed swan neck, detachable swan neck and detachable flange.

Towbar electrics

Towbar electrics vary depending on the vehicle the electrics are being fitted to and what the towbar is being used for.

Towbar diagnostics

On some vehicles, once a vehicle specific kit has been fitted, it is necessary to reprogram the vehicle to activate any built in towing safety and comfort features.

We supply & fit:

Tow trust

Checking a vehicles towing capacity

It is always important to check the maximum towing capacity of a vehicle before a towbar is fitted. 

Locate the vehicles VIN plate and note the four lines of weights shown in Kilograms (kg):

Towing weights

To calculate the towing capacity of a vehicle:
Subtract the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) from the Gross Train Weight (GTW):

3930 kg - 2075 kg = 1855 kg Towing Capacity

Towing weights

If like the above no figures are listed for Gross Train Weight then the vehicle is unfortunately not homologated to tow and it is not possible to fit a towbar.

Towbar manufacturers will rate a towbar for the maximum capacity in the intended vehicle range. However, the vehicle manufacturer may rate some models with a lower capacity (GVW) e.g. hybrid, eco models or smaller engines; please be aware of this.

Here are some videos of us at work:

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