Skoda Yeti Feature

We have chosen the Yeti as a popular tow car to illustrate what is involved in fitting a towbar to a modern vehicle. This video is a time lapse of an installation of a Tow Trust fixed towbar and vehicle specific wiring on a Yeti. Vehicle specific wiring on the Yeti enables features such as trailer indicator monitoring, reversing sensor cut-off and Trailer Stability Program, most of which are activated by reprogramming with our Westfalia Autocode Diagnostic Tool.

Yeti Westfalia detachable

These photos show an installation of a Westfalia detachable towbar with bumper cover panel. We have invested in a genuine Skoda bumper cutting tool, allowing us to match the installation available at the dealers or from factory.

Yeti cover panel 2
Yeti Westfalia detachable 2
Yeti bumper cut-out
Yeti cover panel