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Audi A4 Allroad 2017 with Tow Trust detachable towbar 

This 2017 Audi A4 Allroad was fitted with a detachable Tow Trust towbar and Right Connections 13 pin vehicle specific wiring kit at our premises in Horndean, Hampshire.

Once the wiring kit has been fitted, the vehicle's software is updated through our Complete Diagnostics Online Coding tool to activate various towing related features when a trailer is plugged in. These features include:

  • Bulb failure monitoring - the trailer indicators are integrated into the vehicle's bulb fail system, alerting the driver to a trailer bulb failure through a notification on the dash. 

  • Trailer Stability Programme - this safety feature is an extension of the vehicle's Electronic Stability Programme. Using sensors built into the vehicle, it detects any "snaking" from the trailer and brings it back under control by applying the brakes individually on the car.

  • Reversing sensor cut-out - the reversing sensors on the vehicle are automatically deactivated.

  • Fog cut-out - the vehicle fog light is deactivated when towing to avoid glare from the fog light reflecting back into the car.

  • Automatic tailgate opening deactivation - this feature is designed for bike racks. It deactivates the automatic opening of the tailgate from either the button inside the vehicle or the button on the key when plugged in. This avoids the potential for the tailgate to accidentally open into the bike rack.

The customer can now safely tow their large car trailer in the knowledge that the towing safety features are activated.

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