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The Wheel Support Rack is one of the most versatile bike racks in the Pendle Bike Racks range. It will fit almost every vehicle with a towbar fitted. The bicycle wheels are supported by D-loops attached to the main frame of the rack and each bike is held separately in its own support. Individual vertical arms separate the bicycles from each other in order to ensure non-contact between bikes during transit. You cannot tow with this particular rack because of its platform style design.


2 Bike Rack : £160


4 Bike Rack : £250

bike rack wheel support

Wheel Support Bike Rack

Towbar Mounted Bike Rack

The Pendle Towbar Rack has been designed to fit standard vehicles with towbars fitted such as estates, hatchbacks and saloons.  It consists of two bike rack "arms", which slot into the mounting block fitted to the vehicle's towbar.  The bicycle frames are hung over and strapped securely to the two arms. The towbar mounted rack is available as either a 3 or 4 bike capacity rack.


3 Bike Rack : £83


4 Bike Rack : £99

Towball Mounted Bike Rack

bike rack towball mounted

The Ball Mounting Block fits onto tany standard 50mm towball. The mounting block is a very strong, sturdy and secure fitting and is moulded to the shape of the towball. This rack consists of the mounting block and 2 arms. You cannot tow with this block whilst a bike rack is fitted.


3 Bike Rack : £83


4 Bike Rack : £99

Discovery Bike Rack

bike rack discovery

The Discovery Rack is specifically for vehicles with towbars fitted and has 6 inch offset arms. The offset arms have been designed to ensure that the bike rack can fit vehicles which have spare wheels attached to the rear. The Discovery Rack does not however fit every 4x4 with a spare wheel. For those vehicles with wider spare wheels, the Land Rover Rack with 10 inch offset arms may be required.


Towbar Mounted: £110


Towball Mounted: £110

Land Rover Bike Rack

bike rack landrover

Like the Discovery Rack, the Land Rover Rack has been designed to fit 4x4s with spare tyres on the back and the rack arms are offset by 10 inches in order to ensure that the bike rack fits those vehicles with wider spare tyres. Due to the rack allowing up to 10 inches offset, you cannot tow and transport bikes on the Land Rover rack at the same time as the rack would interfere with your turning circle.


Towbar Mounted: £125


Towball Mounted: £125

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